PVC Fitting Covers.

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Customers interested in ordering PVC fitting covers should contact Insulation Sales.

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Basic Use

PVC jacket covers are fitting insulation systems that are pre-molded flexible fitting covers with or without flexible glass fiber blanket insulation inserts. 

PVC fittings may be used on hot and cold applications when the temperature to which the outer jacket is subjected does not exceed 150° F.

Core Specifications

Pre-shaped Polyvinyl Chloride, fire & smoke safety rated and UV & Fungi resistant. Provides an aesthetic appearance and offers a wide temperature range as well as providing excellent thermal value. Sizes 2 to 20 routinely available, with or without inserts. Visit the different manufacturer's websites for this product to obtain up to date specifications.

How to Size Insulation Material

Thomas Insulation has compiled an insulation sizing support document for fiberglass pipe insulation, pvc fittings and insulation saddles for both iron pipe sizes and copper tubing. The sizing guide provides definitive information such as the difference between IPS and CTS.  These sizing documents are available in two formats for online viewing as well a high quality printing.

Pricing, specifications, availability and terms of offers may change without notice, are not transferable and are valid only for purchases from Thomas Insulation Corporation. Taxes, fees and shipping and handling charges are extra, vary, and not subject to discount.