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Thomas Insulation maintains strategic relationships with several unique suppliers allowing TIC to offer high quality insulation materials at extremely competitive prices nationwide.


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Customers interested in ordering ASJ/FSK/PVC tapes should contact Insulation Sales.

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Basic Use

FSK Tape: Foil, scrim and kraft combined with a pressure sensitive adhesive and release liner. Foil scrim kraft tape is used for sealing cold and dual temperature duct seams and joints where FSK is the basic insulation facing. The scrim bends with the primary facing and gives a strong, finished look.

ASJ Tape: It is a pressure sensitive tape manufactured with backing of all service jacket (ASJ) facing used by most major insulation manufacturers. All surface jacket tape is used for sealing cold and dual temperature duct and pipe systems where the basic insulation uses ASJ facing.

PVC Tape: Polyvinyl Chloride tape is designed for use with pre-molded, high impact PVC insulation fitting covers e.g. to seal 90° and 45° Tees and long radius sweeps or valves of PVC materials. This tape also perform as vapor barriers when sealing longitudinal and circumferential joints.

How to Size Insulation Materials

Thomas Insulation has compiled an insulation sizing support document for fiberglass pipe insulation, pvc fittings and insulation saddles for both iron pipe sizes and copper tubing. The sizing guide provides definitive information such as the difference between IPS and CTS.  These sizing documents are available in two formats for online viewing as well a high quality printing.

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